Please Enjoy This Clean Freak Little Owl Babe

This little Siberian eagle owl — which really, owls are highly underrated in the cuteness department don’t you think? — lives at the Screech Owl Sanctuary in Newquay, Cornwall, England. Here, he’s adorably communing with the mop used to clean up his little owl living space. according to one of the sanctuary’s workers, who is named — I shit you not — Caroline Screech. “As soon as our workers begin to mop the floor, he is out of his cage helping,” she says. “He absolutely adores that mop. He’s got lots of cuddly toys, but that is his preferred plaything.” Love takes a lot of forms, and who are we to judge if this baby owl has fallen for a mop? Though, from the looks of it, the owl seems a tad disappointed in the mop. Like maybe they got in a fight? Give it some time, owl, give it some time. [This Is Cornwall]

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