Lazy Man Makes A Successful Living Off Of Being Lazy

Rory Barker knows how to live. The British TV producer recently embarked on a social experiment, forcing himself to live in a small room with just a couch — and access to social media — to keep him alive for a week. Only leaving the room for quick bathroom breaks, Barker’s spent the past five days eating, exercising and entertaining himself via social media. People can watch his progress, or donate supplies to his cause via his Twitter account @ManOnTheCouch.

Barker’s every move is recorded via his YouTube channel, reminiscent of earlier life-casting experiments (see also, the documentary “We Live In Public“). But what does sitting on your couch and tweeting all day get you, besides a reputation as a genius lazy dude? So far, he’s been happily fed via crowd-sourced pizzas, and fans have sent him everything from fruit machines (please, someone who’s British, explain to me what that is), to clothes, to even a treadmill. Couch life is the good life!

And he’s had a slew of famous guests, including “Game of Thrones” stars Finn Jones and Oona Chaplin and a bunch of reality stars from the British version of “The Hills,” “Made in Chelsea.” He’s currently trying to get the boys from One Direction to stop by. If he gets more than a million YouTube hits, he’ll couch it up for another week — maybe longer. Barker, whose day job includes a gig as a sidekick on the Brit show “Man Lab,” explained, “We would love man on couch to keep growing and growing, even if that does mean I’ll be in this room for the rest of my life.” [Huffington Post UK]