7 Better Ideas For Yankee Candles’ Man Candles Line

Yankee Candle recently released its new line of “Man Candles,” which are, you guessed it, candles marketed specifically to men. The scents in the collection include manly favorites such as “MMM, Bacon” and “Riding Mower,” but we thought we could come up with some slightly more true-to-life fragrance combinations that encompass the typical dude lifestyle — things like overflowing kitchen sinks, sweaty gym bags, and unwashed sheets. Read on to check out our new and improved Man Candle ideas.

Unwashed Laundry: Stale B.O. and Axe body spray, with an whiff of cigars.

Bachelor Bathroom: Unwashed towel stench with notes of beard hair and bathtub grime. 

Man Cave: Foot odor and Totino’s Pizza Rolls with a bloom of beef jerky.  

It’s Time To Change Your Sheets: Stale farts, dried jizz and top notes of dandruff. 

Overflowing Sink: Scrambled eggs, ketchup, and soggy pizza crusts with hints of Dawn dish soap.

Riding Shotgun: A warm scent of aged Burger King wrappers  and Monster Eneergy Drink, with a generous whiff of gasoline. 

Gym Bag: Sweaty socks, Old Spice deodorant and a top note of spilled Gatorade. 

Yankee Candle, if you’d like to license any of these, give us a call!

[Yankee Candles: Man Candles]

[Image of man’s nose via Shutterstock, image of candle via YankeeCandle.com]