Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Put On Makeup In Front Of Baby Harper

“I can’t put makeup on when Harper’s around, because she would try and do the same immediately. … [The kids] lead a very privileged life but they don’t get everything they ask for. We always tell them how lucky they are. [Cruz once asked], ‘Why is it good to be famous, mum?’ and my answer was, ‘When you’re famous, you have a certain power to do good things.’ That’s how we started talking about charity. Cruz was really sweet and said, ‘When people listen to what I say, I could spread some good messages.’ It was a nice conversation to have with my child who’s only eight years old.”

— Could David and Victoria Beckham be the best celebrity parents of all time? Mayhaps. I would never expect Posh to be such a doting, grounded mother, but every time she talks about her kids, she comes across as being very, very normal. Her decision not to apply makeup in front of her one-year-old daughter is a testament to how committed she is to letting her kids just be kids. Adopt me? [Vogue UK]