Sir Patrick Stewart Meets And Embraces Domestic Violence Victim

And now for further proof that Sir Patrick Stewart — best known, to me at least, for playing Captain Jean Luc Picard on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” — is an amazing human being. At the Comicpalooza in Houston this past weekend, at which Stewart was the guest of honor, a woman got on the mic to thank “Sir Patrick” for the speech he gave for Amnesty International in 2009 about domestic violence and violence against women, saying it inspired her to leave her own abusive situation. Then she asked him what his proudest achievement has been — in the video above, see how he responded.

Yesterday, I saw the photo Captain Picard, er, Stewart tweeted of him eating a slice of pizza for the first time, and I wondered how it was possible to go so many years without trying one of the world’s greatest and most classic foods. But now I understand. Stewart has just been busy being not only Starfleet’s best captain, but being an exceptional and inspirational human being in real life as well. Hmm, Patrick Stewart for President? Make it so! [Photo: Eugene Levy Images]