Today In Terribleness: Dad Sticks Baby In Freezer & Falls Asleep

First off, you just don’t stick a baby in a freezer. Nope, not okay. Never okay. But secondly, if you do, you don’t just lie down for a nap afterwards. Washington father Tyler James Deutsch was apparently fed up with his six-week-old baby’s screaming, so he stuck the child in the freezer. And then he fell asleep, because I guess being a total sociopath makes you really tired.

Deutsch woke up when his girlfriend — the baby’s mother — came home, and was caught taking the baby out of the freezer. The mom tried calling 911, but Deutsch smacked the phone out her hand, so she ran to her trailer park’s landlord’s office to get help. The daughter’s core temperature had dropped to 84 degrees, and she had a broken leg and arm.

Deutsch was arrested and charged with child assault, criminal mistreatment and interfering with reporting of domestic violence. He pleaded not guilty, claiming that he had no idea how the baby ended up in the freezer, or with multiple bruises and several broken limbs. If found guilty, he could face the death penalty life in prison. [NY Daily News]

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