Style 911: “What Do I Wear With This Yellow Dress?”

“I recently purchased this Oh My Love Textured Skater Dress from ASOS, and need help styling this gem! Got any advice?” — Megan

You know, normally, I’m all, “demure, demure, demure, don’t look like you’re up in the clurb when you’re actually going to the bank,” but something tells me that a woman whose email address includes the words “fashion diva” can handle a little wild style. After the jump, black and yellow, black and yellow.

yellow dress style 911

You will never in my life find me recommending some kind of insane Jeffrey Campbell shoe, because hello, they look painful, like what happens when you let 13-year-0ld girls and ex-ravers design shoes. But! I do feel like this dress could use a semi-cray shoe. I really like these Belle by Sigerson Morrison ($172) wedges because they have a unique cage design, plus, the heel isn’t so high that you’re going to fall over and/or look like a stripper (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). These aren’t the cheapest, but they’re also the kind of shoe you could have for years and years.

As for acccccccessssories, the chum on the outfit food chain, I’m thinking skip gold jewelry and go with some fun wood and silver pieces. I like this set from Arden B. ($24) because you can split it up and wear on both arms, or like, wear just one bangle and go. Pair with some teeny, tiny little black triangle stud earrings ($1.80 from Forever 21), and you’re all set.

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