Poll: Should I Give This Ugly Chair A Makeover?

So you guys may remember The Ugly Desk, which I bought on a whim and de-uglified with a couple coats of teal paint. Ready for part two of the saga? The Ugly Desk came with an Ugly Chair, pictured above. This chair might actually be uglier than the desk — the style and fabric are very mid-90s accounting firm conference room, which is not exactly the vibe I go for in my home decorating scheme. I’ve kept it this long because it’s surprisingly comfy and a good height for the desk. So here’s my question: is this chair worth an attempted makeover? I was thinking of trying to recover the seat and back with a cute fabric (maybe polka dots?), and I could even spray paint the legs and armrests if I was feeling really crafty.

I haven’t worked much with fabric so I’m not sure how difficult it would be, and I’m also not convinced this chair will ever be truly cute, no matter how much work I put into it. I’d love to get you guys’ opinion on the matter. Should I try a DIY makeover or save my time and energy and get a new chair instead? Please weigh in below! I will abide by your decision. And if you have any specific ideas for how to spruce up this sad seat, let me know in the comments!

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