Would You Wear: This Graphic Liner Look?

My beauty mantra is pretty much “all eyeliner, all the time.” I live and die by my black Maybelline Line Stiletto (at present time, I own four) and a flicked cat eye, but I also dabble in creams, gels, pencils, and powders in any and every shade of the rainbow. But one thing I have never endeavored to do is extend my liner past the inner corner.

The subject first arose after Julie and I both saw the glorious “Moonrise Kingdom” last year and got all obsessed with Suzy Bishop’s eye makeup (center). Yes, it was technically part of a bird costume, but it looked so cool, and weirdly kind of … wearable? A similar, but slightly more severe, look popped up on January Jones at the Met Ball a few weeks ago, and then again on Fergie over this past weekend. It is now effectively impossible to ignore — this might be a thing. The application varies in these three looks, but they all have in common that they swoop past the inner corner and down towards the nose, where eyeliner does not typically dare to venture. Put me down as being into it (and mmmmmaybe going to give it a subtle try tomorrow, depending on how I feel in the morning) — but what do you think? Also … what do we call this? [Fergie photo via Fame/Flynet]