Today In Pizza Technology: A DVD That Smells Like Pizza

Pizza people, never stop trying to make pizza bigger, better and more delicious, okay? That’s what the folks at Domino’s have done, with a new DVD disk that smells like pizza. Brazilian advertising firm Artplan created the disks, which somehow make a pizza smell when you stick them in your DVD player. Right now, the pizza disks are only available in Brazil (so lucky) at a few different video stores around Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but hopefully they’ll make their way up north soon, so I can have some snack-o-vision in my life.

The first wave of smell-o-vision was developed by a guy named Hans Laube in the 1960s, but was only used for one film, ever. More recently, “smelling screens” have been developed by a Japanese researcher. The screens can make smells emit from various spots on LCD screens where food might be displayed. [Oddity Central]

[Pizza photo courtesy of Shutterstock]

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