Roman Polanski Gripes The Birth Control Pill Has “Masculinized” Women

I know you care about the opinions of a man who, in 1977, gave a Quaalude and champagne to a 13-year-old girl before he raped her. This weekend, filmmaker Roman Polanski said that the birth control pill has “masculinized” women and taken the “romance” out of our lives. You know, the romance of yore, like giving drugs and alcohol to 8th grade girls.

Polanski was speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, where premiered his newest film, “Venus In Fur,” which is being billed as an “erotic comedy.” At a press conference for the film, someone asked the director — who has been living in exile in Switzerland after serving only on 42 days in prison for the 1977 rape (which was allegedly one of many) — about his thoughts on modern sexual mores. He answered:

“I think it’s a pity that now offering flowers to a lady becomes indecent … That’s how I feel about it. I think that trying to level the genders is purely idiotic. I think it’s a result of, like everything else and I will be Marxist here, of progress in medicine and these are outcomes of it. I think that the Pill has changed greatly the woman of our times, masculinized her … that chases away the romance from our lives and that’s a great pity.”

I’m not the least bit surprised that a rapist who targeted a young girl is unhappy with an invention that has given all women more agency and control over their lives.  Polanski didn’t seem to mind premarital sex so much when he was the one pursuing it.

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