Kate Middleton’s Blabby Uncle Gossips To Newspaper About The Royal Baby

  • Kate Middleton’s troublesome uncle Gary has blabbed to the UK’s Telegraph that the royal baby will live its first few weeks of life at Carole Middleton’s house. Blame it on the two bottles of champagne he drank with a reporter. [Telegraph UK]
  • Katy Perry invited ex John Mayer to her Memorial Day party this weekend. Bad idea, Katy. Bad, bad, bad idea to let that guy man your grill. [US Weekly]
  • Also, Katy and Robert Pattinson crashed some strangers’ wedding rehearsal at a ranch in Montecito, California, this weekend. [People]
  • Brilliant! What happens when a woman sends men the kind of messages on OK Cupid that she always receives. What’s sadder is how many dudes respond. [xoJane]
  • Jackson Galaxy from “My Cat From Hell” talks famous internet cats and how losing a beloved pet is easily as hard as losing a human loved one. [The Awl]
  • This dude invented an engagement ring that lights up on his fiancée’s finger when he is nearby! [How About We]
  • Twin giraffes were born at a zoo in Texas! Who’s up for a road trip? We can all stay with our Hitched columnist Andrea. I just have to ask her first. [KVUE]
  • A woman bashed a dude in the head with a garden gnome. In Florida, of course. [Jezebel]

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