Alexis Neiers On How Going To Rehab (The Second Time) Changed Her Life

“I was in complete denial. I tried to drown myself in the toilet. I was in so much pain because of the detox from opiates and benzos. I was sitting in a cell with this girl; I was in protective custody, waiting to go to court. I asked her the one question you’re never supposed to ask somebody when you’re in jail: “What are you in here for?” She ended up telling me this horrific story about how her meth-addicted mom started giving her meth when she was 12. When you use meth for a number of years, you go into psychosis. You become schizophrenic, and that’s what happened to this girl. She had been using for four years, she was 16 at the time, and one day her mom told her, “I need you to save me. And the only way I can be saved is if you go kill the family across the street and wait for the police to show up.” She did—she slaughtered this family in full-on psychosis. One of them survived. The girl was about 22 when I talked to her. She had been fighting this case for five years. After I told her what I was going through, she said, “Remember, this time you can walk into that courtroom with God.”

I had this moment of clarity. I was prepared to go in there and deny all the drugs and to say it was everybody else’s fault. I didn’t. I remember saying to the judge, “I’m a heroin addict. I’m 19 years old. I can’t stop using heroin.” I remember envisioning myself walking through that courtroom and having this presence of God on my shoulder, protecting me. There’s a man, Greg Hannley, who was in the audience, and he said, “I’ll take her to my rehab for a year on a scholarship.” I was elated. There was my answer. I later asked him, “Why did you take me in for free?” He was like, “It’s living amends for all the women that I hurt when I was using.” What an incredible thing. He’s still helping people today. He saved my life.”

– Alexis Neiers, member of the Beverly Hills burglary crew “The Bling Ring,” whose story has been made into a new feature film by Sofia Coppola, reflects on her sobriety in an interview with Vice. Neiers gained fame when she appeared in a reality TV show about her family called “Pretty Wild,” and admits that she was smoking oxycodone and using heroin throughout the taping. Now sober, she’s married and just gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Harper. She regularly volunteers at a sober living facility for ex-addicts. [Vice[Photo: Pacific Coast News]