Want A Life-Size Replica Of Yourself? Japan Can Make That Happen

Do you love yourself? How much? Enough to have a lifesized 3-D printed doll made of yourself? Because you can do that now. A place aptly named the Clone Factory, in Tokyo, Japan, says it can make a doll from any human. Are you having nightmares yet?

Being an egomaniac does not come cheap, though. To have a doll made with your creepy likeness, it’ll cost around $2,000 (it sounds worse when you hear that equals 138,000 yen). Obviously, though, money is no object when it comes to you loving … yourself.

The studio will take a multi-angle portrait of you. Using the info gathered, they then input it into a 3-D printer. The result? Ahhhh! Danny Choo, a writer for the website Culture Japan, had a tiny storm trooper doll with his face made:

Danny Choo doll

Doesn’t he look like the happiest storm trooper ever? [Huffington Post UK]