Style 911: Help Me Find Work-Appropriate Shorts!

Lovely reader Elise left the following question on our Facebook page:

Would it be possible to do a slideshow on shorts-at-work? So many of the shorts styles are too revealing to work, wearing jeans all the time is way hot, and wearing skirts all the time is way too girly for my .com office! Frisky to the fashion rescue?

Of course we’d be happy to help! Shorts at work can be a tricky proposition…

For many offices, no matter how long the shorts or how casual the Friday, shorts will never be an acceptable option. But for people in creative offices and more casual workplaces (like your dot com job!), you can totally introduce them into your work wardrobe. A few things to keep in mind:

  • As a general rule, keep your work shorts around the same length as the skirts you’d feel comfortable wearing to work. If you wouldn’t wear a mini skirt to work, don’t wear short shorts either.
  • When shopping for work shorts, look for dressier styles of shorts than your usual weekend pairs: opt for fabrics with a little bit of sheen, pretty prints, and finished hems.
  • Shorts that hit near the knee are usually the safest bet for work. Pair with a button-up blouse and heeled sandals for an office-appropriate summer look.

As requested, we rounded up some work-appropriate shorts options in a variety of colors and sizes (including plus and petite). Click on the gallery above to check ‘em out!