Awesomely Affordable: 12 Fly Fedoras For Under $30!

A couple weeks ago, I told you about my encounter with a fedora-sporting Justin Theroux and my subsequent realization that while a fedora on a dude is an immediate red flag for doucheitude, lots of celeb women are also rocking the trend. I asked whether you would wear a fedora this spring and summer, and the vast majority of you said YES. So here, as promised, are 12 options, all under $30!

1. Bondi Fedora: $29.95, Free People
2. Metallic Fedora: $19.95, American Eagle Outfitters
3. Woven Fedora: $28.50, Calvin Klein, Lord & Taylor
4. Spectator Chic Hat: $16.99, ModCloth
5. Open Weave Floral Print Fedora: $16.99, David & Young, Loehmann’s
6. Large Straw Fedora: $18, August Accessories, Bon Ton
7. Braided Straw Fedora: $10.80, Forever 21
8. Geometric Pattern Fedora: $24, Arden B
9. Packable Fedora: $23.99, Nine West, Macy’s
10. Straw Fedora: $22.80, Nordstrom
11. Tribal Band Straw Fedora: $10.99, Charlotte Russe
12. Textured Weave Fedora: $29.99, Nine West, Macy’s