Kristen Scott Thomas Mocks Ryan Gosling’s C**k In “Only God Forgives” Scene

"Julian's was never small but..."
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Okay, yes, some people booed Ryan Gosling’s next movie, “Only God Forgives,” when it premiered at Cannes this week. But not everyone thinks the “Drive” followup from Nicholas Winding Refn is “a defecation” — it’s gotten a few good reviews too. The Hollywood Reporter called it “wicked cool entertainment.” So there, haters! Personally, I’m down to watch any movie that refers to Ryan Gosling’s cock. In this just released scene, Gosling’s character Julian hires a prostitute to be his date to dinner with his beyatch mom, played by Kristen Scott Thomas. She’s on to him though, and seizes the opportunity to tear him a new one, by insulting the size of his manhood. Mean. Check it out above! [The Daily Beast]

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