Amanda Bynes Tells Judge The Bong She Threw Out A Window Was A Vase

Oh Amanda
Amanda Bynes Wears Weird Wig To Court, Says Bong Was A Vase

Sigh. This Amanda Bynes stuff just keeps getting worse. Last night, Bynes was arrested and taken in for psychiatric evaluation after she allegedly tossed a bong out of her 36th floor window. Today in court, Bynes — donning an obvious wig — told the judge that the bong in question was actually a vase. She was released and will have to report back to court in July. As for the wig? By the looks of her mugshot (which has not officially been released, but was snapped on police documents), Bynes went for the full-Britney after shaving half her head earlier this year. I have nothing to say other than I really, really hope this is the rock bottom she needs to get help for whatever her issues are. [TMZ[Photos: Splash News]

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