J.J. Abrams Shares Benedict Cumberbatch’s Deleted Shower Scene From “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Much fuss has been made about the lack of female representation in the new movie “Star Trek Into Darkness.” While I adored the movie — and Winona and I both think that it’s kind of a chick flick — I completely agree that there should have been more women in the movie and that the ones in the film should have been given more to do. (Thankfully, the various “Star Trek” series have taught us plenty of feminist lessons over the years.) One of the scenes that has bothered a lot of feminist fans of the series is the one in which Alice Eve’s character, Carol Marcus, appears in just a bra and panties for seemingly no reason but to titillate. J.J. Abrams responded to the hullabaloo on “Conan” last night, by debuting a deleted scene from the film in which Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is seen showering. Droooooool. More — real!!! — wet ‘n’ wild sexy mole rat action, please! [Conan]