Amanda Bynes Tried To Use A Google Search In Lieu Of Presenting Actual ID

  • When an airport in New Jersey wouldn’t let Amanda Bynes board a private plane because she had no ID, the actress brought up her Google results and yelled the pilot, “I’m Amanda Bynes!” Guess what! It didn’t work. [Page Six]
  • There’s going to be a reality show about people who auction off their virginity. I would bid money not to watch it. [Cosmopolitan]
  • A Taylor Swift impersonator got beaten up for looking like Taylor Swift. [Dlisted]
  • Nick Carter and his fiancée might be getting their own reality show, because the newlywed hijinks gambit worked out so well for Jessica Simpson and some other guy  named Nick. [PopDust]
  • Lucy Lawless tweeted the tiniest whisper of a hint that “Xena: Warrior Princess” could return in some form. [The Mary Sue]
  • Joe Francis from “Girls Gone Wild” claims he “deeply regrets” calling the jury that found him guilty of assault “retarded” and saying they deserved to die. [Page Six]
  • Check out this Psy impostor who hit the red carpet at Cannes! [US Weekly]
  • Five celebrity men Karrueche Tran should date instead of Chris Brown (again). How about literally anyone? [VibeVixen]
  • Don’t flash Jesse Eisenberg, okay? [Crushable]

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[Image: Splash News]