Amanda Bynes Arrested After Tossing Bong Out Window, Undergoes Psychiatric Evaluation

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After months of disturbing online and real-life incidences, actress Amanda Bynes was taken into custody Thursday night and ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation. Bynes was arrested earlier in the evening after she threw a bong out the window, prompting a neighbor to call the police. NYC police charged her with reckless endangerment, and took her to Roosevelt Hospital for an evaluation. After the evaluation, she was booked at a Midtown police station.

Earlier in the week Bynes had attempted to board a flight without identification, telling airline employees to just “Google” her. And on Wednesday, she said she was going to sue In Touch Weekly, claiming that they used altered photos in their cover story (“Destroyed By Fame”).

This number of weird/crazy/disturbing/sad things Bynes has done recently is too long to even list. It seems like at this point Bynes’ parents should step in to help save their daughter, but Bynes has repeatedly stressed that she has no relationship with them. [ONTD]

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