6 Farting Techniques For Women

Yesterday, Amelia gifted me a book that she knew would be everything to me. The Fart Tootorial: Farting Fundamentals, Master Blaster Techniques, & The Complete Toot Taxonomy was all that and more. I learned just about every fun fact there is to know about gas — from which foods make your farts smell the worst (cauliflower and cheese) to why your own toots don’t smell bad to you (because it reminds you of the smell of your mother). Of particular interest to me were the farting release techniques. While it was helpful to learn how to do the Downward Floating Fog or the Power Squat, I felt that many of these techniques were male-centric (probably because the book was written by two men). But what of us female farters? We deserve gas releasing techniques that are right for us. Here are a few I enjoy…

Female Farts
Some common types of female farts. Read More »
Pooping: A Feminist Issue
One writer talks about how pooping is a feminist issue. Read More »
Fart In A Jar
An open letter to the girl who sold her fart on Ebay. Read More »
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