Satiate Your Craving For “Arrested Development” With Bluth Family-Inspired Food

If you are like me, this past week has been filled with anticipation for the return of “Arrested Development” on Netflix. So why not actually feed your craving for the Bluth family? No, I don’t mean gnaw off Buster’s other hand like a seal. I mean head over to the Brooklyn restaurant Three Letters for “Final Countdown: Arrested Development Tasting Menu,” featuring all of your favorites from show: tuna plates or platters, cornballs, club sauce, and yes, even a dish inspired by Lindsay’s hot ham water.

Nowhere near New York? Don’t fear! Start your day with Lucille’s breakfast, vodka on the rocks and toast, or whip up your own batch of cornballs? There are a host of ways you can dine like the Bluths. It’s as simple as grabbing a juice box, Buster style, stuffing a quick mayonegg in your mouth, or of course, gobbling down a frozen banana.

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