Jose Canseco Tweets Rape Accuser’s Name, Phone Number, Photo

This afternoon, former baseball player Jose Canseco livetweeted the police arriving at his house to allegedly charge him with drugging and raping a fitness model — and then he tweeted the rape accuser’s name, phone number and a photograph of her in a bikini. He eventually deleted a bunch of the tweets, although many of them were captured by The Atlantic Wire (who obscured the alleged victim’s name).

The craziness unfolds, after the jump.

First, Canseco tweeted Las Vegas police arrived at his house to allegedly charge him with rape (although Buzzfeed reports as of this writing, no charges had yet been filed — he has merely been called a “person of interest”):

He then accused the alleged victim of “lieing”:

More accusations the alleged victim lied:

Then he tweeted a photograph of the alleged accuser, who is pictured wearing a bikini, and a followup tweet with the same photo and her name:

Then he tweeted the alleged victim’s phone number:

Then he offered to take a polygraph “on national TV”:

Canseco also tweeted the name of where alleged victim works (which I was unable to capture) and a “dare” that she tell the truth:

Almost every single one of these tweets has been deleted. Still, the damage has been done. This is straight-up abuse. Even if Canseco is not proven to have drugged and raped the accuser, I hope he gets the book thrown at him for tweeting her phone number and work address and telling people to go after her.  You know the only people who do that are the media (annoying) or crazies (“men’s rights activists”). Sadly, being an epic douchenozzle may not be illegal.

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