Can We Pretty Please Talk About Tonight’s “Nashville” Season Finale?

OK, you guys, I know a lot of you watch “Nashville” and you’re no doubt as excited/nervous/sad as I am that the big season finale is TONIGHT. I am still reeling from last week’s episode (well, more specifically the last 10 minutes of last week’s episode), and I’m dying to see how everything plays out tonight, and what new storylines they’re going to set up for next season. But before it airs, I’d love to discuss a few things…

Talking Points:

1. Gunnar, Gunnar, Gunnar. He’s been acting like such a little shit lately, culminating in his missing Scarlett’s Opry debut because he was sitting in jail for acting like a little shit. I love Gunnar so much, and I want to keep loving him, but has he gone too far? Should Scarlett take him back?

2. Deacon and Rayna. A preview they showed last week made it pretty clear that Deacon is going to find out the truth about Maddie. This sneak peek from tonight’s episode makes it even more clear:

Deacon obviously has every right to be mad, but do you think his and Rayna’s relationship can survive this? I really hope so, because every time they kiss I squeal with glee and jump up and down on the couch.

3. Juliette’s emotional stability. Good lord, this girl needs a hug more than ever. She’s going to try to go to the CMAs tonight, isn’t she? This can’t end well.

4. Avery. Are you guys back on Team Avery since, as my friend Catherine put it, “he’s been eating humble pie”? I mean, sending Scarlett a whisk backstage? Swoon!

5. Next season. Any guesses on what the major plot lines will be next season? Anything you hope they’ll change in the second season?

Pleeeease weigh in with your opinions about any or all of these subjects (or other “Nashville”-related topics) in the comments!