7 Reasons “Star Trek Into Darkness” Is Actually A Chick Flick

On the surface, “Star Trek Into Darkness” certainly looks like a typical dude movie. It’s got huge explosions, spaceships, fighting, and futuristic weapons. Obviously we would have loved it even if it was the most manly movie in history, but after seeing it for ourselves we were surprised to discover that, in many ways, it’s actually a total chick flick. How is this possible, you ask? Let us count the ways…

1. There are a ton of hot guys in it. Any of the beautiful men of this cast could easily pass as the sexy lead in a romantic comedy (in fact, some have). Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Karl Urban, and Bruce Greenwood all set our hearts aflutter separately, but to have them all sharing the same screen and wearing tight Starfleet uniforms? It’s every girl’s dream come true. Whether you prefer cocky blue-eyed captains; dark, emotionally confused Vulcans; or even punk rock pierced Klingon warriors (come on, we can’t be the only ones who thought those dudes were hot), “Star Trek Into Darkness” provides a veritable smorgasbord of male eye candy!

2. Two words: Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, we could have easily included him in the “hot guys” category, but Benedict is so fucking sexy in this movie that we thought he deserved his own bullet point. Before “STID,” Winona was already nursing a pretty serious crush on him thanks to his Aspergers-tastic turn as Sherlock Holmes, but Amelia had yet to come around to the man she now describes as the World’s Sexiest Mole Rat. True fact: no matter how you felt about Benedict before seeing this movie, you will walk out of the theater with a serious obsession. His intensity, his accent, and his cheekbones all combine to make him completely irresistible.

3. It features on-again, off-again relationship. A staple of all chick flicks is a budding relationship that’s temporarily derailed, usually due to some sort of ridiculous misunderstanding. Guess what? “STID” has got that too! The things that affect a “Star Trek” couple — in this case, Spock and Uhura — are a little different than the things that affect a rom-com couple (in “STID” it’s a cold fusion device, an unstable volcano, and differing priorities about the Prime Directive), but really, at the heart of it is two people breaking up and making up.

4. A friendship is challenged. While a chick flick always features a romantic relationship in turmoil, conflict between pals is a common trope as well. In “STID,” its Kirk and Spock who are at odds, as Kirk’s penchant for breaking rules conflicts with Spock’s goodie-goodie nature. Will these two BFFs be able to resolve the discord between them or will they be frenemies forever? You’ll have to see the movie to find out!

5. The fashion is on point. Another chick flick requirement? Drool-worthy wardrobes, and we submit that “STID”‘s futuristic costume design is just as sartorially inspiring as any of Kate Hudson’s starring vehicles. From flared Starfleet mini dresses with over-the-knee boots (SO CUTE) to Benedict Cumberbath’s floor-length metallic trench coat to Zoe Saldana’s eternally perfect winged eyeliner, “Star Trek” has mad style. In fact, tune in later this week for a full roundup of “Star Trek” style lessons!

6. The male protagonist evolves. A female lead is not necessary for a film to be a chick flick — a man can also be the star (hello, “Man of Honor” and “What Women Want”). However, the chick flick male protagonist always starts off a bit of a cad or bad boy who realizes the error of his ways and evolves into a better man by the time the credits roll. “STID” is basically phase two of Captain Kirk’s emotional journey, which started in Abrams’ first remake, “Star Trek.” I predict that by the end of the next film, Jim will be even more tender yet strong.

7. There’s a lot of crying. Proof that “STID” is not a typical dude movie? All the characters–especially the men–are constantly breaking down in tears. Seriously, when it comes to emotional gravity, this movie has more in common with “Stepmom” than “Die Hard.” You know the feelings are really flowing when a damn VULCAN is tearing up.