The Good, The Bad & The WTF At The 2013 Billboard Awards

Sure, some people won some awards and such at last night’s Billboard Music Awards and that’s great. But we want to talk about two things: the awesome face Taylor Swift made at Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, and what everyone wore. Like, it’s kind of shocking how absolutely normal and elegant Nicki Minaj looks, right? She’s positively demure here, in a flattering red gown. What’s happened to the Nicki we once knew? The one who once wore this to an award’s show? Ah well, we’ll always have Ke$ha. After the jump, more of the good, bad and totally what-the-hell-were-they-thinking.

Selena Gomez, Alyssa Milano, Kerri Kasem in white

WTF: Hold up. Selena Gomez is wearing one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen. It’s viscerally terrible, but maybe that’s just me?

WTF: Alyssa Milano, you too. What’s with the faux pantsuit-cum-dress thing? Que disastre!

Good: Kerri Kasem, whom I’m presuming is the daughter of Casey, looks lovely in a white and floral gown.

Ke$ha Emmy Rossum and Chavril in black

WTF: Oh hey, Ke$ha found herself a truck mudflap for the party.

Good: Emmy Rossum looks very lovely in this black and sheer polka dot gown.

Good: Chavril, well, what can we say? They look totally in love. The couple that wears matching leather together, stays together, or something.

Audrina Z-LaLa Kelly Rowland in metallics

Good: Good ol’ Audrina “Ceiling Eyes” Patridge can always be trusted to show up at an awards show. Or the opening of a car wash. Nice leather skirt.

WTF: This is Z-La La. She’s visiting us from her home planet, Hallmark Gift Wrap Clearance Sale.

Hayden Pannettiere Carly Rae Jepsen Jennifer Morrison in black

Good: Isn’t Hayden the most adorable pocket-sized lady? Her dress is simple and elegant.

Bad: Carly Rae, not so much. It appears to have been cobbled together from fishnet and pieces of animal hyde.

Good: Jennifer Morrison looks great, but I’m not exactly sure why she’s there. Any ideas?

Miley Cyrus Nayer Chloe Grace Moretz in black and white

Bad: Miley, so cute, but the zipper on the back of her jumpsuit is flesh-toned, and makes it look like she has an exposed butt crack, so whoops!

WTF: Singer Nayer pairs her topless pantsuit with a dog.

Good: Chloe Grace Moretz adds a tiny bit of black and white checkered madness with her shoes.

Jennifer Lopez Taylor Swift Kimberly Perry in sparkle

Bad: Jennifer Lopez just wears crap from her tours now, instead of buying new clothe, right? This is straight up “Showgirls.”

Good: T-Swift rocks a bold color for once! Good on her!

Good: Kimberly Perry sports a manageable amount of sparkle. J. Lo, take notes.