It’s Time To Cry: Helen Mirren “Knights” A Dying Boy To Make His Dreams Come True

Dame Helen Mirren, what a lady. In addition to being sexy, stylish proof that age ain’t nothin’ but a number, she’s also a kind-hearted woman, willing to don a wig and some makeup to make a little boy happy. Ten-year-old Oliver Burton is fighting his third bout with cancer, and his chances look grim. At the top of his “bucket list” was to meet the Queen of England. But unfortunately, the real queen couldn’t make it. And that’s where Helen Mirren stepped in.

Mirren, who’s currently appearing in London’s West End production of “The Audience” as the queen, also played Her Royal Highness in the movie, “The Queen.” She had Burton and his family attend a performance of the play and then invited them to join her backstage, where she treated them to tea and cookies — and never broke character.

“Oliver thought she was the real Queen, and well, that’s good enough for us,” said Oliver’s father James Browne. “She sat in Oliver’s wheelchair and gave him her big chair. She was really lovely. She did the whole thing – had a butler there, was dressed in costume and did it all properly for him.”

To top off the day, she “knighted him and told everyone that they had to call him Sir Oliver. He had a brilliant day.”

“I expected it to be two minutes in and out, but it was not at all. They had tea and cakes, they had the corgis, and they really took care of them,” said Andy Daw, one of the family’s helpers.

Oliver’s spine and marrow cancer is terminal, and is further complicated by his Down Syndrome (which makes his body extra sensitive to treatments). His parents say they’re trying to raise money to make sure his last weeks and months are filled with happy memories. But, says Daw, “It really was Ollie’s biggest wish to meet the Queen so it was absolutely huge.” [Daily Mail]