Heather Graham Orgasms For Like An Hour

During a recent appearance on “Conan,” Heather Graham talked about her new screenplay, which draws on her personal experience of conquering her sexual hangups after growing up Catholic. “One thing that’s in my script is that I went to some funny different kinds of female empowerment classes,” she revealed. “I went to one where they do little exercises like, ‘Let’s honor your breasts’. So you talk to another woman and you go, ‘I honor your beautiful breasts. They honor me and they honor you.’ There was this book that we read, it was called, ‘Extended Massive Orgasm,’ and it basically teaches women how to have an orgasm for, like, an hour.”

Ah, come on now. Try not to feel inadequate because of Heather Graham’s super long orgasms (because you know this was a humble brag in disguise –she’s mentioned before that she’s steeped in the art of Tantra). If you really want your orgasms to last for an hour (wouldn’t that be exhausting?) you too can go to female empowerment classes and learn how to do it. Of course that would involve you having to tell other women that you honor their beautiful breasts, which, for me, would be really hard to do with a straight face. Oh well. Guess I’ll just stick to regular length orgasms for now, which are still really solid.

If you’re a person who can orgasm for an hour, please confirm that it’s possible. [Team Coco]