“Gay Of Thones” Is Serving Straight Up Westeros Realness

Listen up, “Game of Thrones” fans — we have some weekend homework for you. Your assignment is to go back and watch all of Funny or Die’s “Gay of Thrones” recap series because for real? This is fucking “GoT” cracksauce. Each week, hairdresser Jonathan recaps all the dragons, butts, scheming and whatnot that “GoT” has to offer. He hasn’t done a recap for this past episode just yet, so we’re posting the one from episode seven instead.

We’re super sorry we slept on this so long, because this is required viewing for “GoT” fans. I mean, he refers to Daenarys as Christina Aguilera. I live for this.

To make your homework easier, we’ve embedded the other five episodes of “Gay of Thrones” (including one featuring Alfie Allen) after the jump.