Indiana Steak ‘N Shake Waitress Receives A 7000% Tip

CeCe Bruce has been working as a server at an Indianapolis Steak ‘n Shake for the past two years while going to school part-time. One of the restaurant’s regular customers, who is known as Miss Jo, comes in at least once a week, and developed a fondness for Bruce. After eating breakfast at one of Bruce’s tables earlier this week, Miss Jo asked if she could leave a “ridiculously large tip” on her $6 bill.

Bruce initially misread the tip to be $46, which would have been an impressive enough, but once she realized it was actually four-hundred forty-six dollars, she was shocked. “When I looked again, I said, ‘Oh my gosh, Miss Jo, I’m not taking that!’ And she said, ‘Yes, you’re taking it.”

Bruce told a local news station that the generous tip was perfectly timed, and she knew exactly where the money was going: “Pay bills, pay bills right on time, that’s what I’m definitely going to do.” This is such a sweet story. If only every server were lucky enough to have a customer as generous as Miss Jo! [Huffington Post]