We’re Breaking Up: Grown Man Gets Stuck In McDonald’s High Chair, Must Be Rescued By Police

Dear Dude,

Well, you really screwed this one up. You thought it’d be sooooo funny to pretend to be a baby and get in a McDonald’s-provided high chair? But you didn’t count on getting stuck in there, did you?

Cork, Ireland, police were rushed to the scene, and had to pry you out of the high chair. And dude, you were there all by yourself. Fortunately for you, being an idiot is not yet a criminally punishable offense. Because seriously, as the Cork Independent reminds us, “regular adult seating is available at all McDonald restaurants across Cork.” And a rep from McDonald’s said, “As you can see, we recommend that children don’t use the high-chair without adult supervision!” See? McDonald’s is even throwing shade your way.

So yeah, we’re done. Head off to Playland or something.

You’re definitely not my Mayor McCheese,


[Cork Independent]