That’s Original! Women Names All 15 Of Her Kids Walter

Remember how George Foreman named each of his five sons George? He couldn’t get enough of his own name, I guess. Well, a Brazillian mother of 12 has got him beat by a friggin’ mile. She’s named each of her 15 kids Walter. Like, all of them. Even the girls.

Erotides Brandao promised she’d name her firstborn after her husband Walter — and she did. The girl’s name is Walterlucia. But then Walter got a big head about it, and decided all of his kids would bear his name. Walter died in 2003, but the tradition continues on: all 33 of his grandchildren also have Walter in their names.

And my, did Brandao get creative.

Brandao named the kids Walterlucia, Walterlivia, Walterlenia, Walterlonia, Walterlacia, Walterluzia, Walterluana, Walterangelina, Waltersilviana, Waltermanuel, Walterluis, Walteroliver, Waltermarcelo, Walterlicinio and Walterfernando.

Why so many Walters? “He asked to put his name on all of our children,” said Brandao, now 81. “I didn’t know so many would come, but we never knew how to say no to each other.” []

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