Miley Cyrus & 10 Other Celeb Powder Mishaps

Was Miley Cyrus twerking while her makeup team applied her glam look for the Maxim Hot 100 party? Miley is the mag’s choice for hottest woman alive, but the chalky white makeup around her mouth makes her look more like the hottest ventriloquist doll. Like, from far away, her mouth looks like it has skin-colored bandages around it. (Side story: I once hooked up with a guy who tried to cover an ENORMOUS zit on his chin with a small piece of band-aid and it had the same effect.) I suspect an overzealous approach to covering blemishes and/or beard burn around the mouth or a weird attempt at facial contouring is to blame for this makeup mishap. Or twerking, because Miley always be twerkin’.

We may think celebrities are always picture perfect, but every once in a while we see behind the curtain — especially when those bright bulbs are flashing on the red carpet. Makeup is required. More specifically, powder. But it’s a delicate balance. Too much and your favorite celeb may look like a clown, too little and they’re shinier than an oil slick. Click through to see some very unfortunate celebrity powder mishaps.