Justin Bieber Has 24 Hours To Retrieve His Monkey — Or Else

I know how it is for big celebrities. You get a taste of fame and you forget about all the little people and monkeys that helped get you to the top. Justin Bieber — adult-sized footie pajama-wearer and Anne Frank historian –– has 24 hours to reclaim his pet monkey OG Malley from Munich, Germany. If he doesn’t come and get the adorable pint-sized Capuchin, the little dude will be sent to live at a zoo in Germany. The pop star/hair gel fanatic had previously been criticized for taking the monkey away from its mother when it was too young. Earlier this month, Bieber signed over the monkey to German authorities, but he still has 24 hours to change his mind.

Biebz, whatever happened to no monkey left behind? 

Seriously though, treating animals like disposable props is completely despicable. And this isn’t the first time Bieber’s done this. He had a pet hamster that he callously gave away to a fan. The hamster later died. Somebody stop letting this kid buy pets, please. [Buzzfeed]