Conservative Congressman Says He Really Identifies With Public Enemy

Republican representative and Jason Sudeikis lookalike Trey Radel has not listened to a lot of rap in his lifetime. I’m guessing this, because the man claims that his values are accurately reflected in the music of Public Enemy, and other “so-called gansta rap” artists. Radel is particularly enamoured of the 1989 Public Enemy track “Fight the Power,” he told Now This News. Somewhere, Chuck D. is rolling his eyes.

Said Radel of the jam, “This is a song that came out really, if you really get down to it, iin many ways reflects the conservative message of having a heavy-handed federal government, of a party where…” and then, “Chuck D and I may disagree on certain philosophies of government — but I think at the end of the day, and this is where I take my love of hip-hop music, of where you can see there have been issues with heavy-handed law enforcement, like the Department of Justice like we see now with the AP, or heavy-handed government in and of itself.” I’m sure that’s exactly what Public Enemy was going for. (Also, remember when Paul Ryan said Rage Against the Machine was his favorite band? That was amazing.)

“Me, as a lover of hip hop,” continues Radel, “especially older school hip hop, especially gangster rap to Big Daddy Kane [who, BTW, is openly “anti-faggot”] and Erik B. and Rakim … what they do is open the eyes of people from maybe different walks of life.”

Aside from his obvious love of Public Enemy, what else does Radel love? Well, he sure loves guns, and called for the impeachment of President Obama for supporting an assault weapons ban. He’s also staunchly pro-life, but somehow doesn’t seen the irony of wanting a smaller federal government and wanting to legislate all over women’s bodies. And Daft Punk! He loves Daft Punk! “I like creating those kind of beats at home,” he said. Sorry, give me a second, I’m having some major cognitive dissonance over here.

As for whether he preferred Tupac or Biggie? “To me, Tupac is what I’m going to be listening to in the car, Biggie is at the party.” Consider my eyes now opened. [Raw Story]