As I Always Feared, There’s Lots Of Poop In Public Swimming Pools

Each summer, around the time that it hits about 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity, I walk by the public pool at the park in my neighborhood and contemplate diving in. I ache for a cool dip. But then I see all the children in the pool and first thing I think is, You can’t go swimming, there’s DOODIE in there. Perhaps I was scarred by watching “Caddyshack” too many times as a kid. I know it was just a candy bar, but I’ve never been able to rid myself of the nagging suspicion that there is real scat in my local swimming pool. Turns out, I was right.

According to a new report that will ruin public swimming pools for you forever, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered that about 58 percent of public pools in the Atlanta area tested positive for fecal E.Coli bacteria. I can only imagine that these stats are consistent around the country, which means that most kids shit in the pool.

“It is time to stop treating the swimming pool as a toilet,” Michele Hlavsa, head of the CDC’s Healthy Swimming Program. “Nowhere else except for the pool is it acceptable to poop in public or pee in public. In other places if we did this in public, we’d be arrested.”

I’m sorry. As far as I knew it was NOT acceptable to pee and poop in the swimming pool. At least, that what I was taught. Has something changed since I was a kid?

I guess it’s going to be another pool-free summer for me. [Yahoo]