Woot, Woot! Diablo Cody Is Getting Her Own Talk Show

All is not a steaming pile of flaming dog shit for women in Hollywood, at least not entirely: My imaginary best friend, screenwriter Diablo Cody, is getting her own talk show on TBS called “Me Time With Diablo Cody”! The tattooed badass who wrote “Juno” and “Young Adult” will gab about Hollywood and pop culture, which, according to TBS’s press release, will be “told in her very own tongue-in-cheek way.” Okay, that sounds really similar to “Chelsea Lately.” But whatever.  There are, like, five white dudes with late-night talk shows that are all basically the same, so, hey, the more ladiezzz on the TV, the better. And Cody is one of the smarter, funnier ladies who could do this job really well. (I cannot say the same for Kris Jenner and her new talk show.) Diablo Cody, I’ll be watching. [Gawker] [Photo: WENN]