Trend Alert: All The Celebs Are Wearing Fedoras — Would You?

Last week, Ami and I were having a post-Soul Cycle glass of wine — as we do – when a man wearing a slightly askew black fedora and sunglasses wandered into the bar. “Oof, Justin Timberlake circa 2003 called and wants his hat back,” I whispered. Ami took a quick glance and grimaced as well. A second later, I realized something. “Hey! That’s Justin Theroux!” It seems Jennifer Aniston’s fiance — who, despite the catty way I feel about is headwear, is hilarious (have you seen “Wanderlust”?!) — was the man wearing the talisman of doucheitude. See, Timberlake in a fedora in 2003 was a brief moment in time when the look was kind of okay, but Theroux in a fedora in 2013? EGADS NO. Generally speaking, a fedora on a man should serve as a giant red flag. (And I say this, people, as someone who really, really love Channing Tatum, who never met a fedora he didn’t like and wear obsessively.)

But fedoras on women? Much harder to call! I happen to own a straw fedora, purchased in Florida five years ago. I wore it for a summer and have used it as wall decor ever since. But after seeing so many celebs rocking the fedora trend recently, I’ve started to think about putting it back on my head. Where do you stand on the fedora trend? Click through to see everyone from Jennifer Aniston (hope she stole Justin’s — for good) and Reese Witherspoon to Halle Berry and Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Channing has too many for her to steal permanently) rocking the look and then vote in our poll. If the majority of you dig the look, I’ll do an Awesomely Affordable shopping gallery!

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