Mom Enters Fetus In A Beauty Pageant

It’s never too early to start prepping your child to be a beauty queen. At least, that’s what mom-to-be Jenny Oliver thinks. At seven months pregnant, she’s already entered her unborn daughter, tentatively named Ella, into her first Bonnie Baby pageant.

“With my dance skills and her sister Jess’s knowledge of pageants, there’s no way she won’t win the prize for bonniest baby … It was only a tenner to enter her and I believe you should start them young. Ella will do so much better in life with all that experience under her belt … She’s only going to be three months old but she’ll have a bit of fun on the day … Walking down that catwalk with my gorgeous baby will make me feel a million dollars — even though I’ll still be carrying my baby weight and wearing daggy clothes. I hope she wins — it would be fab to have a baby sash and crown to add to the collection. I have so much planned for her.”

I’m already stressed out for baby Ella and she doesn’t even exist yet. I suppose they’ll have to start fitting her for a flipper the moment after her first breast feeding. But what if she doesn’t arrive on her due date? What if her skin doesn’t take spray tans well? What if she doesn’t look good in diapers. And what if Ella is a boy? There are so many unknowns.

Even though Oliver claims that pageants have been a positive influence on her oldest daughter, I would say that it’s OK to wait until the umbilical cord heals before putting a taffeta dress on your baby. But that’s just my opinion. [The Sun]