Gather Round Children, And Let Gwyneth Paltrow School You On Punk

Many people don’t know this, but there was a time, in between filming “Shakespeare in Love” and “Sliding Doors,” that patron saint of GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow, was in a punk band. They were called Cockjuice, and they played all the clubs on the punk circuit, amassing violent and excited crowds at ABC No Rio and squats around Europe. Gwyneth gained quite a reputation as an outspoken proponent of socialism — calling on Americans to take the streets to protest late ’90s Clinton-era fascist American policies, and the inheritance tax. She was known as an inveterate rabble-rouser and sometimes-drunk, whose pre-show routine always included at least a fifth of bourbon and a punch or two in the greenroom wall.

For several months, Cockjuice rode high on the fumes of DIY success. But then, one day, Gwyneth had a soul-searching revelation: acting and giving diet advice was where she was really needed. So she gave it all up — the shows, the glory, the post-show drunken fistfights — and settled down with the singer of Coldplay.

Vestiges of Gwyneth’s punk past remain though, as she excitedly reminded everyone in a recent post on her diet and fashion and completely-tonedeaf-lifestyle-advice site GOOP. “We got all inspired in the goop office about punk making a comeback through subtle influence,” explains G-Pals, of her Met Costume Institute Ball ensemble. Says her stylist, “This look is all about anarchy – truly going against the grain and not wearing what everyone expects.” And nothing says anarchy like a hot pink Valentino gown, right? [GOOP]

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