Feminists Take Over A Misogynist Facebook Page From The Inside

  • Read this story about how six feminists took over a misogynist Facebook page from the inside… [The Daily Dot]
  • Black women are 49 percent less likely than white women to get tested for the mutated genes that lead to breast cancer. Here’s what else you need to know about how race impacts breast healthcare. [Diversity Inc]
  • Vermont has passed an equal pay law that targets certain factors that lead to a wage gap. [National Women’s Law Center]
  • North Carolina, thank God, has taken out that part of an anti-abortion bill that would have allowed employers to refuse coverage for birth control. [RH Reality Check]
  • On the ethics of extreme porn: is some sex wrong even among consenting adults? [The Atlantic]
  • Wait, what?! The pro-arrest provisions in the Violence Against Women Act are being used to disproportionately arrest young women. [The Jane Dough]
  • Older women are most likely to get tricked by online romance scam artists. Go talk to your mom and grandma and make sure they’re not sending money to weirdos they met on Match.com! [US News & World Reports]
  • Scott Roeder, the anti-abortion extremist who murdered Kansas abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, will be disciplined in prison for making additional threats against abortion providers. [RH Reality Check]
  • Female CEOs make $600,000 less than their male counterparts in Washington lobby groups. [PolicyMic]
  • Laurie Penny on why we need to talk about masculinity. [Guardian UK]
  • Is Pepper Potts no longer a damsel in distress in “Iron Man 3″? [BtchFlcks]

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