Worst Nightmare: Couple Finds 80,000 Bees In The Wall Of Their Master Bedroom

OK, so no bee horror story can ever compare to the guy who had sex with a hornets’ nest and died, but this one might qualify as a distant runner-up. A couple in Utah recently bought a house, and every once in awhile thought they heard the sound of bees buzzing while they were eating dinner or watching TV. Last weekend, the couple finally had an “It’s coming from inside the house!” moment and called a bee keeper to come check it out. He cut a hole in the wall of their master bedroom and found a gigantic beehive housing an estimated 60,000 to 80,000 bees. Apparently the bees had actually been removing insulation from the wall to make room for their ever expanding hive (clever little freeloaders, aren’t they?). The bees and their hive were safely relocated, and as long as everyone avoids having sex with it, this scary story will have a happy ending. [Huffpo]

[Bee photo via Shutterstock]

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