Predictably, Punks Are Protesting The Met’s Chaos Into Couture Show

The Met Costume Institute’s Ball last week was clearly just a harbinger to come — the tone deaf outfits and embarrassing displays of total non-punkness were simply pre-cursors to fairly scathing critiques of the exhibit itself. But even — and especially — those outside of the establishment are expressing their disdain for the collection.

Gerry Visco, a self-professed punk who at 58 is old enough to actually live through punk’s inception and first wave, came down to protest Punk: Chaos Into Couture, and led a group of about a dozen punks in making a statement outside the museum.  I was a real punk,” said Visco. “We like the fact that they’re doing this show but it’s not as authentic as it could have been.”

“I’m curious because it’s ‘red-carpet Punk,’ designers designing $900 outfits to look punk,” said Visco’s friend Rew Starr. “Punk is an expression of self, so if you’re looking to buy something to look punk you’re not punk.” The group plan on returning at least once a week to take a stand against the exhibit. And of course, they’ll be visiting it, too. Even Visco admits she did a walk though. “”It wasn’t fun enough,” Visco said. “It could have been more avant-garde and daring.” [DNA Info]