Minnesota Town Elects Youngest, Most Adorable Mayor Ever

You know how Adam Scott’s character Ben Wyatt on “Park & Rec” is a failed teenage mayor? Well, there’s a new mayor in town, and he’s got Wyatt beat by at least 14 years (FYI, Ben’s character was at least partially based on these kids). Meet Robert Tufts, the current mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, who was elected to office at just four-years-old.

Are the people of Dorset crazy? Perhaps. The town has only 22 people, and chooses its mayor by picking a name out of a hat. What’s on Robert’s political agenda? Based on the above video, holding sticks, riding coin operated horses, and going fishing. Sounds pretty good to us. And just in case you were wondering, Dorset previously elected in a 5-year-old. [Metro]