Witches, Mind How High You Fly Your Broomstick In Swaziland

A new statute in Swaziland, a country where albino children are sacrificed for use in magic potions, forbids witches from flying their broomsticks higher than 500 feet in the air.

“A witch on a broomstick should not fly above the [500 foot] limit,” said the director of the Civil Aviation Authority. No word on what the punishment is for for witches flying below 500 feet. But it’s an interesting restriction considering the fact that Swazi brooms are short bundles sticks without handles that witches typically use to fling potions around, not as their primary from of transportation.

The new law, which also forbids remote-controlled toy planes or kites from flying above 500 feet, was implemented after a private investigator was arrested for flying a toy helicopter he was using to do surveillance too high.

Well, I guess I won’t be visiting Swaziland anytime soon because I only travel by broomstick. Bummer. [Times Live]

[Photo from Shutterstock]