The Celebrity Machine Just Keeps Churning Out More & More Phoebe Price

A while ago, I told you about how some celebrities actually call the paparazzi on themselves, in order to stay in the press and garner attention. That’s why every Halloween you’ll see garish pictures of say, Courtney Stodden picking out pumpkins in 8-inch lucite heels or Farrah Abraham taking a solitary, sad, sexy walk on the beach.

And then there’s Phoebe Price. Phoebe Price is a regular punching bag for gossip blogger Michael K. over at D-Listed, and he’s very, very cruelly funny about it, referring to as Chicken Cutlets. She is constantly being photographed by paparazzi and was voted by K and his D-Listed readers as 2007’s Hot Slut of the Year, a dubious honor that we’re not entirely sure Phoebe understands. In an effort to understand just who and why Phoebe Price, I took a look at her IMDB, to see if she’d actually done anything of note to warrant paparazzi following her every move. She has not. She has played “‘X-Files TV’ Show Clerk At Copier Store” and “Arliss TV Show Photographer Assistant.”. And yet! She’s always at movie premieres, and festivals, and out to dinner and oh my god — is it possible that Phoebe Price has fashioned a career out of lycra and hair extensions and poorly-timed photo opportunities? To learn more, I glanced at her IMDB biography, which is um, oh, just read it:

Phoebe was born in Alabama and as a young child had a passion for modeling and acting. At the age of 19 she bought her first corporations which were in fashion and entertainment. She later became an international actress and model in Capetown, S.A Athens, Greece and Milan, Italy. After leaving Milan she came to Los Angeles and has studied acting with the top coaches to perfect her skills. She loves working with charities and is the spokeswoman for Battered Women. She is also a designer of Hats and Headbands found in leading boutiques in Beverly Hills and California.

Yeah, I don’t know either. But here she is, wearing a quite lovely dress.


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