Could Turkey Get A Brothel Filled With Men?!

A brothel filled with men for female customers? We’re listening … It turns out the call comes from an anti-poverty group in Turkey demanding that legal, state-run brothels practice gender equality. The campaigners from Sefkat Der accuse the Turkish government of condoning “sex slavery,” and as a ploy to fight prostitution in general, are daring them to open a brothel that caters to women. After all, the brothels filled with women get over 5,000 male customers a day. “They say men need sex and they need to go to brothels. But on the other hand, they are not accepting the principles of gender equality,'” said one of the campaigners.

Of course, Sefkat Der doesn’t expect the government to take their petition seriously — it’s a principle of the matter, though. Critics say that targeting Turkey’s legal brothels — corrupt as they may be — could lead to closures that will put only send more women into unsafe, unregulated sex work on the street. Current legal sex workers are licensed by authorities and regularly tested for STDs. The entire subject is a sticky wicket — no pun intended!

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