Zoë Saldana Talks Romance And Bromance In “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Kirk and Spock — it may be the most beloved bromance in science fiction history. The iconic intergalactic pair has brought back to life in J.J. Abrams reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise, with Chris Pine taking the captain’s chair as James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto stepping into the shoes of his Star Fleet sidekick, Mister Spock.

In the upcoming “Star Trek Into Darkness,” Kirk faces some competition as the apple of Spock’s eye — in Uhura, the easy-on-the-eyes U.S.S. Enterprise communications officer played by the beautiful Zoë Saldana.

“Mine is a romance, theirs is a bromance. Isn’t that funny?” Saldana told to Celebuzz’s Cory Lopez of the on-screen “love” triangle. But at the root, the two relationships are quite similar, as both Kirk and Uhura are helping Spock find a balance in his half-human, half-Vulcan heritage. Read more on Celebuzz…