15-Year-Old Boy Arrested For Acid Attack Against London Woman

Last month a 28-year-old woman answered the door of her East London home to have a bottle of acid squirted in her face and on the pet chihuahua in her arms. She shut the door and rinsed her face with water, but her face has still been been permanently scarred by the acid; her dog also had to be treated for injuries. This weekend, police finally arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with the incident. As of right now, people do not have an explanation for why a teen boy would have executed the attack.

Acid attacks are common way of committing domestic violence against women and children as a way to disfigure or blind the victims. Typically they don’t kill the victims — who are usually assaulted for bringing “shame” upon their family in some way — but the intent of disfiguration is to stigmatize them for the rest of their life, sometimes leading to victims committing suicide. You can read more about acid violence at Acid Survivors Trust International.

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